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Blackened Post-Rock / Shoegaze / Noise Rock – Manchester, UKSurviving Sounds // Trepanation Recordings”Post-black metal that is as vicious as it is emotionally charged, with some moments of real grace.” ~ The Sound Not The Word RECOMMENDED TRACK: ABANDONMENT Photo Credit: Rich Smith – Digital BathAGVIRRE are a blackened post-rock band from Manchester, UK. Formed in 2018, Agvirre perform […]

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Different (Like Everyone Else) “Nobody’s impressed with a spot on Jimmy’s guest list, and all of your meaningless lyrics.” So goes Different (Like Everyone Else), a biting, anthemic comeback from Manchester-based four-piece The Recreation. Blending all the raw cheek of 70s artists like Roxy Music with contemporary indie rock influences, Different seeks lyrically to address the […]

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Grab a Stella, buckle up and secure all Loose Articles.”We’re a melodic post-punk quartet. Specialising in discord, repetition and radical politics.”Loose Articles exude a no-shits-given approach whilst clearly giving a shit. Socially aware lyrics nicely balanced with a tongue in cheek delivery, angular guitar riffs and busy bass lines, they evoke classic bands like Wire […]

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