Did you know that a dose of Chemtrails is highly addictive and very catchy?! 


Starting out as the lo-fi, bedroom recording act of Mia Lust and Laura Orlova in London 2016, Chemtrails quickly caught the attention of PNKSLM Recordings after their debut show at Trans Pride Brighton, and it's easy to see why.

Their sound is a hypnotic swirl of double dipped garage rock, psych-pop and a hint of melon-collie, lyrical soul-searching, which reminds me of classic era Pixies; instantly catchy guitar melodies and beautiful harmonies atop a thunderous backbeat that buoys deeply heartfelt, acerbic lyrics.

Take Uncanny Valley from their recent LP The Peculiar Smell Of The Inevitable, a deeply personal and wickedly lyrical song that punches your empathy button wildly, a bubbling ball of emotion that's both a primal scream of frustration and rallying cry of defiance, evoking echoes of Blondie or The Undertones' Teenage Kicks, this is song writing of the highest calibre and punk in it's purest form. 

Raw, heartfelt and touchingly honest.

And it's not an anomaly either. The whole album is win after win, hit after hit, anthem after anthem.

In 2019 Chemtrails played a prestigious live performance on the legendary KEXP as part of their International Clash Day celebration in London before their relocation to Manchester, which saw the original duo refresh the backline with new members Ian Kane and Adrian Hemmersley to compliment

The Perculiar Smell Of The Inevitable.

And it's a great album.

For an album that touches on such important subjects it's never a chore, in fact it's a summer day, feel good, intelligent album. 

Chemtrails Album

As for the chemtrail conspiracy theories? 

“I always thought it referred to those tracers you get when you’re on acid, and you move your hand and it leaves a trail. I thought, what a great name for a psychedelic band! But then we found out about the conspiracy theory, and realised we had a name that summed up the inane stupidity and desperation of the political situation, in this era of paranoia and fake news. It fits the band that we are at the moment.”

If all else fails, Mia Lust can fall back on that PhD in theoretical physics, right?

“I know from experience that the government aren’t interested in funding science that asks the big questions, like where we come from or what particles are actually made of. They only put money into things where they know they’ll get instant financial returns. It seemed impossible, so I thought, fuck it, I’ll go back to Plan A and try to be a rock star instead, as that's just as naive."



Mia Lust (guitar/vocals), Laura Orlova (guitar/vocals), Ian Kane (bass) and Adrian Hammersley (drums)


24 July 2021 - Shackwell Arms


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