Welcome to the Wheel World...


Welcome to the Wheel World: where many-legged monsters cavort in the flickering half-light; where expectation and subversion meet in quivering mortal tension. It whips like the wind and is just as disruptive to picnics on the beach…It’s Legs on Wheels: Chameleon Rock for the age of change, baby.

Legs on Wheels are wild and restless psych/prog/punk/pop adventurers, not afraid of a tune nor a technically challenging lift off. Elementally playful, the band administers rollicking riffs, dastardly rhythms and dreamily impressionistic interludes with pinpoint precision. Atypical melodies and intriguing lyrics glide down the aural helter-skelter to wine and dine the ear-drum.

Beginning as a one-man recording project, with a band-name bestowed by the late great Daevid Allen, Legs on Wheels has mutated, adding to its ranks a malnourished Celtic demigod, an ancient cross-dressing goblin, a four-eyed insect-eating pilot, and a business executive possessed by a ram-demon.

Known for their carnivalesque live act, the fecund fivesome recently dropped a zany new video, Milktop Mandy, with EP Idelia to follow 16th June. And there's plenty more pudding in the pipeline! Cast off convention and let go your limbs, as Legs on Wheels burst from the brain like alien flowers.


'Legs on Wheels burst from the brain like alien flowers.' - Charles Bliss, Eastern Daily Press

'Legs On Wheels are ambitious and structurally challenging post-prog pop adventurers- not afraid of a tune nor a vertical and technically challenging lift off.' - John McCready, BIMM

'A cool groovy psych rock and alt vibe with some wild guitar work and fun vocal delivery. Goes to a far out trippy place with a ton of retro influence...' - We All Want Someone To Shout For