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"We’re a melodic post-punk quartet. Specialising in discord, repetition and radical politics."

Loose Articles exude a no-shits-given approach whilst clearly giving a shit. Socially aware lyrics nicely balanced with a tongue in cheek delivery, angular guitar riffs and busy bass lines, they evoke classic bands like Wire and The Fall.

Formed in 2019, the Manchester 4 piece consisting of Erin, Tree, Natalie and Louise was initially instigated by Tree, "Basically I was pestering Nat and Erin at parties… and every time there were various boys that we knew in bands, we were like ‘we could fucking do that.’ So yeah, just after a bit of pestering we had a practice and thought this is alright."

Up The Disco

Spotting the gap in a male dominated scene they averaged almost 2 shows a month in 2019. Starting at Band on the Wall in July they hit The Manchester Psych Fest and Stay Fresh Fest at The Deaf Institute the following month.

Their passion for political and social awareness earned them gigs at For The Many and Socialist Sunday – Manchester for a Labour Government at the Ritz. But the gang isn't all seriarse with tunes like Buses demonstrating their trademark sardonic humour.

Their debut EP Orchid Lounge is on Bandcamp and you can find them playing up and down the UK later this year, I'd highly recommend you do! 

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"When you listen to our music it feels like this gang of northern lasses is boozing and shouting in your brain."