Grab yourself a refreshing beverage folks (preferably a Solitude and Savagery IPA) as this week we meet the lads from BARBARIAN HERMIT

Barbarian Hermit Logo

It's hard to put a finger on the sound of Barbarian Hermit.

Listening to the recent remaster and re-issue of their debut EP ONE on APF Records is something of a journey, twisting and turning from brutality to beauty, through down-tuned guitars, epic grooves, cavernous beats and anthemic vocals... and that's all just in one tune!

Barbarian Hermit is a self proclaimed sludge metal band but there's a lot more going on here, many of their songs take wildly elaborate and unpredictable twists, sometimes almost flipping genre styles entirely, delivering something completely unexpected and constantly satisfying.

Pure riff gravy.

After winning Manchester’s Metal 2 The Masses competition in June 2018 they went on to play Bloodstock for 2 years running, hammering the New Blood stage in 2018 before returning to open the festival on the Sophie Lancaster stage in 2019.

And that's not all for 2018, Leeds based brewery Northern Monk commemorated the release of their first full length album, Solitude And Savagery, with an IPA of the same name. Recorded at the legendary Skyhammer Studios by Chris Fielding (Conan, Boss Keloid) the unmistakeable album artwork by illustrator MrHass was also used as a wrap around on the can. 

Barbarian Hermit Band

2019 was equally eventful for the lads with a brief weekend tour in April, stopping at Temple of Boom, Leeds, The Devonshire Arms, London and Premier Pool Club, Ipswich with label mates Nomad before opening Bloodstock on August 9th to their largest crowd to date. 

"I remember very little about it. I was stood by the side of the stage with Chunk and Big Daddy Reegs and some guy pointed and went “go on!”, and walking behind the kit and sitting down and then after that it’s kind of a blank until the end when we finished Reawaken and I heard this big noise coming from it front of us. A lot of it was a blur.- " Gaz

The end of 2019 brought significant change with the departure of vocalist Ed Campbell after his 2nd tenure with the band and the return of Simon Scarlett who fronted the band between 2014-2016, hence the remaster of the ONE EP that features Scarlett on vocals, the reissue adding the epic previously unreleased Through The Periscope of the Deadly Sub.

And as for what's next, Simon says; "We’re thinking now we can make something we are really proud of. Our tastes have matured, we’ve got better at writing and how to orchestrate songs, and now is the time to make something really awesome. I’ve got a good feeling about the new stuff. It’s going to be different. I’m not going to be the same Barbarian Hermit vocalist from 2016. The music has changed, there’s new members in the band, it’s gonna be Barbarian Hermit version 3.0, with a new edge." 


Simon Scarlett - Vocals
Mike Regan - Guitar
Adam Robertshaw - Guitar
Rob Sutcliffe - Bass
Gareth Manning - Drums


26 June 2021 - The Alma, Bolton w/ Billy Club
6 August 2021 - The Underground, Bradford w/ Ohhms
2 September 2021 - The Bread Shed Manchester w/ Green Lung
19 September 2021 - Boston Music Rooms, London w/ Dopelord
15 October 2021 - Night Train Bradford - SOC Fest 2021
16 October 2021 - Trillians, Newcastle w/ Dead River Kings
13 November 2021 - Cafe Indie, Scunthorpe - Cvltfest 2021
28 November 2021 - The Bread Shed Manchester - Sophie Fest 2021
12 February 2022 - Birmingham O2 Academy - Hammerfest 2022


“Barbarian Hermit bring something exiting to the table which makes you want to be along for the ride” - Distorted Sound Magazine

“This is one album that every sludge aficionado needs in their collection” - Metal Temple

“Sludgy doom at its most epic” - Uber Rock

“The musical equivalent of being trampled by a herd of elephants” - The Razors Edge

Watch Barbarian Hermit Live at Bloodstock 2019