We offer a variety of permanent rehearsal rooms and spaces at fantastic prices, the perfect solution to those bands and musicians who need a regular monthly rehearsal facility, perfectly located close to Piccadilly Station.

Our permanent rehearsal rooms are of a high quality with their own unique feel so why not take advantage of a range of facilities for groups of all sizes?

Coupled with our well-stocked, onsite store, which sells a range of snacks, drinks and musical spares, call Mike today 07763 797 299 to secure your rehearsal space!


Here at Brunswick Mill Studios, we have a number of band rehearsal spaces which are available to hire in 4 hour slots.

Our studios are large and bright and have their own quirky character, which is what makes our rehearsal spaces unique. We provide all the necessary equipment.

• A full drum kit
• PA system with mics and stands
• Two guitar amps
• One bass amp

For an additional cost we can also provide:

• Cymbal hire (£5)
• Kick pedal hire (£5)
Cymbal and kick pedal hire (£7.50)

Spare Guitar strings (£5 or £1) are on sale at the onsite shop, along with a range of music accessories such as picks (70p) and sticks (£5).

Call Stu today on 07942 891 710 to discuss or arrange a booking.

Cancellation Policy - We require at least 48 hrs notice of any cancellations to give us time to get a replacement band in

We charge the session cost if less than 24 hrs notice is given and half if less than 48 is given.