This weeks Brunswick Mill Studios spotlight is on... THE CAVS

The Cavs

The Cavs are a 5 piece indie/rock outfit with roots in Salford, formed in late 2019 after Chris Terry met James McCauley on a night out in town. Pretty soon after a few swaps and a name change from The Cavaliers, the line-up was completed and everything clicked into place.

Their influences, including The Libertines, Kasabian and local legends Elbow are present in the sound but the band has a unique swagger of their own.

I mean what I say when I say that they wear their influences on their sleeve, but they wear them with originality and pride. As a scene veteran you can fall into the trap of thinking you've heard it all before but I love what The Cavs are doing with that sound.

They hit the ground running with the single Movin' and were gaining momentum with a prestige support slot with Dirty Laces (another band who graced Brunswick Mill Studios with their presence) then 2 sold out headline gigs; one at The Bullring, Eccles and The Retro Bar before lockdown kicked in.

But The Cavs made the most of the extra time on their hands are back with with five or six songs and a new sense of direction.

“We worked on our own playing…our own writing and our different influences so, instead of just being a loud band in a room, we had to play a little bit quieter and so it gave us a bit of a different sound.”

And as for the future?

“Bigger gigs, sell-out gigs and better songs”


Elliot Craven: Front man, McCauley: Rhythm guitar, Chris Terry: Lead guitar, Michael Carney: Bass, Arthur Townson : Drums