“There’s a big emphasis on female empowerment and female anger. It’s about celebrating yourself and self-expression. Not being stifled and held back.” 

witch fever

I was totally hooked when I accidently heard IDLES debut LP Brutalism back in 2018, one of the few times YouTube's UP NEXT algorithm actually got it right. I saw them live later that year and they didn't disappoint with a riotous explosion of political awareness, emotional intelligence and pure energy, which is why it came as no huge surprise when I heard Witch Fever would support them on their European tour.

Witch Fever formed 5 years ago after meeting at Uni before settling on the current line-up of Amy on vocal, bassist Alex, Annabelle on drums and guitarist Alisha.

In 2018 they performed live at the Old Granada Studios for Stay Fresh in association with City Life before releasing Bezerk(h)er in 2019 and the follow up single The Hallow was released via Venn Records, both were produced by legendary Creation Records founder Alan McGee.

“I think if you’re using it as a brand, it’s not really punk."

Witch Fever clearly didn't see the dreaded 2020 as a curse, instead they made perfect use of all that downtime by working on new material, sending demos to and recording a new EP with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano of Orgone Studios. On June 2nd they released the first single from these sessions Reincarnate after announcing they signed to Music For Nations, part of Sony Music Entertainment.

And 2021 is turning out to be an eventful year with performances at Bigfoot festival in June, Truck Festival in July, Leeds’ All-Dayer A Wave Before A Kick In The Chest in September, Burn It Down in Devon, and Futurama Festival in Liverpool headlined by Heaven 17 (and also featuring another Brunswick Mill Studios favourite Loose Articles) before the aforementioned shows in 2022 supporting IDLES on their European tour and Brooklyn based Bambara on selected dates.

witch fever reincarnate

“It’s my body, it’s my choice to do what I want to do with it. For some reason, as soon as its put in front of people the naked female body becomes a sexual object. A body in its natural form becomes a play thing, and something to look at and I think that it is bullshit. It shouldn’t be like that. And if I want to be topless on stage, it should be the same as a man being topless on stage.”